About elem hen

His name has been ELEM Chen can not understand ordinary artist. Alam Chen is one of the coaches senses and telepathy promising and leading Israel. With over 10 years of experience as an artist senses and telepathy, like the young man has already appeared in hundreds of concerts across the country, leaving hundreds of mesmerized audiences and content, an experience that will remain with them for life.

Alam Chen is an artist senses and telepathy with a rare ability to penetrate the consciousness and sub-consciousness, to understand the patterns of human behavior and the influence it as he wishes. This is not a magic show for children, or tricks you've seen dozens of times before. The show manages to amaze ELEM Chen audience through Mntlizm and using telepathy art at the highest level, combined charms of adults, witty humor and powerful intuition.

For ELEM Chen - the impossible does not exist. In each instance re trying ELEM Chen stretch the limits of consciousness and logic to the end and leave you open-mouthed.

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